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What makes Brent different? He is a bridge. He finds nuggets of scientific knowledge in hard-core marketing and psychology journals and applies them to real life scenarios, particularly in the realm of content marketing, brand building, and persuasion. As such, he bridges obscure academic findings with entrepreneurs looking to get an edge.

Thought provoking, insightful, and entertaining insight into the science of persuasion triggers, social activation, and what the best brands are doing that you’re probably not.

Sample Keynote Topics

Evergreen talks


    What you now need to know to gain an advantage online


    How to build powerful brand equity

  • Word of Mouth

    How to activate viral sharing from your customers

  • Going Viral

    The secrets of irresistible marketing

Current Keynote topics (updated November 2019)

  • The Urgency of Brand Recall

    With AI and voice search diffusion we’re at a critical juncture in the age of search marketing, and the only way to survive is to adopt a Brand Recall strategy…

  • Increasing the accuracy of decision making

    We all make mistakes, but in business mistakes can be disastrous. In this talk I explain the science and application of ‘democratised decision making’

  • The art and craft of influencer marketing, social activations, and hybrid campaigns

    Step into Marketing 2020+ What the cleverest brands are doing that you’re probably not.

  • Purchase decision triggers

    Do you really know why consumers decide to buy? You might be surprised… A entertaining look at the psychology of buying decisions.

“A big thank you for taking the time to speak at Nerd Nite this week. I enjoyed your presentation very much and had a good time! It was very interesting to learn about the secrets of sharing, and I’m certainly more aware of what is going on now!”

Doris Toh Founder of Nerd Nite

“Brent shared some amazing insights using scientific research that is truly valuable to us. Brent has a unique ability to describe things in an interesting way that exceeds expectations!”

Fiona Grant IBM

“Brent, thank you so much for your brilliant presentation! It really raised the flag for the rest of the LearnX 2012 conference program – the feedback has been extremely positive and generated many ongoing discussions. It was spot-on and really opened the minds of the delegates!”

Rob ClarkeCEO/Founder learnX foundation

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